Data of the company

It was established with the target of exporting Spanish equipments, with a quality superior to the one offered from Spain at the time.

The founders had already experience in foreign markets, and were driven towards the equipment and tools for jewelry, due mainly to the invaluable support of the companies I Shor - USA a Moyas - Barcelona.

In 1985, the market circumstances, the change in Spanish tax and export incentives system of, affected seriously the competitiveness of the company. The reaction, for the purpose of keeping the company running, was to start importing specially consumables for the jewellery industry.

As a consequence Hispana, has two distinct activities:

- Export Line

- General supply to jewelers in Spain

The export line has been gradually adapted to the market demand but retaining simplicity and robustness in the design, and continuing service to the machines, even the design features allow that the machines remain in use for many years

The general sale to jewelers in Spain, has provided a better understanding of the customers needs, and allow to offer to them, the best solutions on the market. At the same time this information permits to what the market requires.

"DO NOT BUY A NEW MACHINE, BUT A NEW METHOD" Hispana has made easier to his customers to follow this sentence recommendations, based in his experience, and exceptional technical persons as Jose Ferre and Marc Sarsanedas, between others